Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha Himadra – Timeless Amartya Tradition Rishi, Author & Spiritual Teacher

Aaravindah is a spiritual teacher and a “seer for the world”. He belongs to a tradition of masters who, through their being, serve the spiritual welfare of humanity. He is also the founder of Sambodha, a multinational organization that aims to raise the consciousness of the world.

In Sambodha he fulfills this vision by teaching the art of compassion, spreading spiritual knowledge about the direction of one’s dharma (divine destiny, life purpose), teaching transcendental inner practices and advanced meditation techniques.

In the summer of 2006, Aaravindha traveled deep into the Himalayas and visited a mystical valley where he lived for a time with the Amartya Masters, extremely reclusive holy people. He had been able to reach this sheltered valley only after a very difficult trek over remote and rugged mountain ridges.

Through a series of extraordinary experiences, conversations and initiations, the Amartya Masters granted Aaravindha access to their most precious and mysterious knowledge, never before revealed to the world. Much of this knowledge is now available through Aaravindha’s seminars.

The book “Immortal Self” describes his journey through the mountains and his stay in the valley. In addition, Aaravindha has written six other books that serve as teaching tools for his ongoing worldwide teacher training.




I want to put in your hands what has taken a lifetime to learn, in hopes you will go far beyond the depth of my understanding.

We stand on each other’s shoulders, generation to generation, and I would be honored to be your shoulder, to aid you in moving faster and more elegantly through the maze that will present itself as you embark on the hero’s journey.

SONJAN is a teacher, writer, poet, author of five books on spiritual growth and Self-Realization. He has studied, practiced and appliedthe wisdom of the Immortals for over twenty years with Aaravindha Himadra, founder of Sambodha. He now teaches the knowledge of the Amartyas to those thirsty for the wisdom of the transforming Spirit.


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Susan M.

Sonjan, Im so, so happy for you. Your website is awesome. What a beautiful cover for a beautiful book.

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Ela B.

Congratulations. The book is wonderful. I want to join your Tuesday evenings readings from the book this summer.

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