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The Core Structure of Wisdom – by Sonjan

The Core Structure of Wisdom By Sonjan This is the core structure of wisdom that the Immortals teach. Aaravindha teaches mandalically, so the teaching is not nicely laid out from A to Z in a linear, rational fashion. Other teachers may deduce a different sequence of...

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The Key to Enlightenment – by Aaravindha Himadra

The Key to Enlightenment By Aaravindha Himadra There is an absolute, silent Self. But within that silent Self, there is an infinite and undying creativity. Some would say that only that Self is real. Whereas, the fact is that also everything that is within that Self...

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THE GLOW ~ VERSUS ~ THE WORLD Surah Samiksha What fulfills you? What makes you happy? This is a profound question. We can’t just work, work, work without rest, relaxation and renewal. How we keep the balance is important. Spirit offers us a dynamic, living radiance, a...

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FOREWORD – The Majesty Field, Volume 1

FOREWORD - The Majesty Field, Volume 1 The light you’ll right away sense in reading the content in this tome is the path. The author shines it forth masterfully in a flowing style that will undoubtedly kindle the hopes and dreams of any sincere seeker’s heart and...

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Aaravindha Himadra

Aaravindha Himadra – Timeless Amartya Tradition Rishi, Author & Spiritual Teacher Aaravindah is a spiritual teacher and a “seer for the world”. He belongs to a tradition of masters who, through their being, serve the spiritual welfare of humanity. He is also the...

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You are the universe’s great illusionists, its celestial artists, the creative conjurers of an unlimited authority that bestows the powers and order that lets you advantage an endless brew of possibility.

– Aaravindha
Himadra –


Knowing is not enough.
we must apply!

Willing is not enough.
we must do!

– Johann Wolfgang
Goethe –


Acceptance is the first turn of the key. Accept what is and whatever comes as part of the great calling. Accept the guiding hand; let live the Supreme Will.
Worship love above all else.

– Nil’ Amma
Tara –

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