The Key to Enlightenment – by Aaravindha Himadra

The Key to Enlightenment
By Aaravindha Himadra

There is an absolute, silent Self. But within that silent Self, there is an infinite and undying creativity. Some would say that only that Self is real. Whereas, the fact is that also everything that is within that Self and that is the expression of its life, then must also be real – even though in its parts we can’t see its entire nature. So, we cast away the part in order to find the whole, but in casting away the parts, we have denied the whole.

Many believe that we must break away from the wheel of samsara, that we must break away from wheel of rebirth and enter this state of re-merging with God. Where is that going to take place, that merging with God? Where exactly is God right now?

This question has to be answered, because many paths suggest that you must achieve your enlightenment and you must overcome or transcend life and be able to merge back with the perfect blissful Self that is God. And that in itself is a neutralization of their own effort.

First, pursuit is a statement of separation. Second, if you are going to merge with God and God is all there is, then this is already God. There is nothing to merge with. So there are two aspects of that pursuit path that become some of the greatest obstacles to the awakening of all.

That is the idea that we are somehow going to improve upon something that is already perfect by its own nature. We look for the perfection, but the mind will never see it. It is not the intent for the mind to see perfection, because the perfection is absolute. It is timeless. It is whole. But within it exist all the ripples of potential that make up this universe and all the other universes, and that is essential to it.

There is a reason for Life. And that reason is, very simply, God wants to BE. That underlying, fundamental perfection of consciousness, that radiance, that Shine, wants to be.

When the One became aware of itself, it created a relationship out of the one. It had two, and out of that two, the one wanting to know itself, infinite potential began to flow forward and that became Life. Suddenly, we had the birth of the universe. And that is in an order; it is the story; it is the answer.

The One said Who? The One said THIS. It has never stopped talking THIS, and will never stop talking THIS. Life is an infinite potential. This is the point that needs to be understood within the reach and scope of enlightenment. Infinite is forever. It’s eternal, everlasting life – everlasting life in a timeless foundation – shoreless, eternal foundation.

Now, the key is not to achieve the eternal. We already have it. We already have the infinite. The key to enlightenment is to learn how to live within it, how to be in a state of non-resistance so that we can hear the divine intention that is the One in a state of nonresistance to the One. Give up all resistance to the perfect order, to the perfect Shine that is being revealed to the self.

When the barriers, the shadows and the illusions are dissolved, what remains is the Light. However, that Light is not an emptiness; it’s a fullness, an absolute fullness that will never cease revealing its perfection. If there is no resistance to the Light, that experience is a state of being that can only be called love – no resistance to the Truth.

When there is no resistance to the Light of the Self, when all the shadows have been removed, a creative expression is allowed to flow through the mind. The mind becomes a vehicle for the expression of God’s will. That becomes the dharma, the purpose, the reason for living, and that purpose then becomes that which carries you into the Sun, into the full light of your reason for being. That is the moment you take birth. That is the beginning of your life, not the end of it.

It is not merging back into God. It’s the realization that God has always been all there is – and that everything is resting in the sweetness of God’s love. Everything! Give into that love, fall in love again and again – and be grateful for this little tiny bit of illusion of separation that we might have the opportunity to have relationship. Abandon the heart to that, fall into that love without hesitation or resistance.





I want to put in your hands what has taken a lifetime to learn, in hopes you will go far beyond the depth of my understanding.

We stand on each other’s shoulders, generation to generation, and I would be honored to be your shoulder, to aid you in moving faster and more elegantly through the maze that will present itself as you embark on the hero’s journey.

SONJAN is a teacher, writer, poet, author of five books on spiritual growth and Self-Realization. He has studied, practiced and appliedthe wisdom of the Immortals for over twenty years with Aaravindha Himadra, founder of Sambodha. He now teaches the knowledge of the Amartyas to those thirsty for the wisdom of the transforming Spirit.


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