What fulfills you? What makes you happy? This is a profound question. We can’t just work, work, work without rest, relaxation and renewal. How we keep the balance is important.

Spirit offers us a dynamic, living radiance, a glow, emanating from inside that sustains and guides us. The world is going to offer the pleasures of the external world, complete with physical challenges, competition, survival issues and plenty of drama.

Drama is something you fall into
when you haven’t discovered your spiritual purpose (dharma).

The world is going to suggest external solutions, drawing us outward, always dependent on conditions. Our fulfillment then is conditional, conditioned on ’conditions’ going our way: the music inspiring; the hike free of rain; the campground free of mosquitos; the movie funny; the sail sunny with a good wind; the road trip safe, et cetera. Conditions!

Sports, movies, games—the world calls us outside ourselves. Spiritual life calls us inside ourselves. It reveals the mysterious path to itself—Spirit. Spirit is overflowing, radiant, blissful, resplendent with the peace that passes understanding. It lifts us up out of the mind into an expansive domain, which is its own nature, transcendent of mind.

In the East, this is called Surah Samiksha—the shine of the Sun Self. Surah is the spiritual Sun, the inner glow of consciousness that cascades down from the heavenly worlds into life. This is the shine of the High Self, the light of pure awareness. Samiksha is mindfulness. So, Surah Samiksha is staying mindful of the charm of the Sun Self as it subtly radiates into one’s life. This is an experience of bliss, since bliss emanates from the Divine Light. The Sun Self (God) literally glows with delight. It is a warmth in the heart that radiates. This inherent glow is often obscured by the background chatter in the mind.




I want to put in your hands what has taken a lifetime to learn, in hopes you will go far beyond the depth of my understanding.

We stand on each other’s shoulders, generation to generation, and I would be honored to be your shoulder, to aid you in moving faster and more elegantly through the maze that will present itself as you embark on the hero’s journey.

SONJAN is a teacher, writer, poet, author of five books on spiritual growth and Self-Realization. He has studied, practiced and appliedthe wisdom of the Immortals for over twenty years with Aaravindha Himadra, founder of Sambodha. He now teaches the knowledge of the Amartyas to those thirsty for the wisdom of the transforming Spirit.


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Susan M.

Sonjan, Im so, so happy for you. Your website is awesome. What a beautiful cover for a beautiful book.

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Ela B.

Congratulations. The book is wonderful. I want to join your Tuesday evenings readings from the book this summer.

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